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	    Mr. Denis Mishchenko
	    (416) 848-1528

To obtain a position as a Senior Network Architect / Consultant to make my extensive knowledge and wide 
experience play a significant role in multivendor network solutions planning, design, implementation guidance and 
post cut support to enable new era communications for enterprise customer base

- Network Architect with 13 years of experience of translating business communication needs into design 
plans, lists of technology requirements and implementation steps
- support and troubleshooting of Data and VoIP WAN/LAN, infrastructure and related products in the 
corporate environment
- Strong knowledge and wide experience with various Cisco, HP, Avaya, Aruba Networks, Extreme Networks, 
Juniper network hardware including L2-L4 switches, load balancers, routers and VPN security appliances 
- Cisco certified Network professional and Design professional with CCIE skills in routing, switching and 
- VMWare certified professional, Datacenter virtualization. 
- ACE Avaya Certified Expert (Technical and Design) in the field of Data networking, messaging and IP 
- ACE Fx expert in SDN and fabric networks
- Real hard worker with the unique ability to solve problems and make responsible decisions in timely 
manner, able to set and meet deadlines in high-pressure situations 
- Tech savvy with rapid learning ability and very strong analytical and high profile mathematical skills 


- LAN WAN for Data, Voice and Video - design, implementation and proactive maintenance 
- LAN/ WAN/ MAN/ WiFi /MPLS QoS for Cisco, Juniper, Extreme Networks and HP 
VoIP trunking
- H.323, IAX/IAX2, SIP
Physical layer protocols 
- DS1/DS3, DSL, VDSL, ADSL, 10/100/1000BASE-T, 10Gb/40Gb/100Gb wire and fiber networks
Data link layer protocols 
- Ethernet, MAC in MAC, SPBM, MPLS, PPP, Token ring, ATM, STP, RSTP, PVST+, VLAN, HDLC

Network layer protocols 
- IP, IPX, IPSec 
Transport layer protocols 
Application layer protocols 
- DHCP, FTP, HTTP, IMAP4, POP3, LDAP, NNTP, SMTP, SNMP, SSH, Telnet, TFTP and others 
Routing protocols
Network Infrastructure equipment - L2-L4+ 
- Avaya ERS and VSP virtual services platform SDN / Fabric solutions
- Cisco Catalyst, IOS and CatOs
- Cisco Router
- Juniper J-series Junos OS router and SRX security gateway
- Juniper Netscreen Screen OS firewall / SBC
- Extreme Networks Summit ExtremeWare and XOS 
- HP ProCurve
- Aruba networks

Network security 
- Cisco PIX, Cisco ASA, ACL, TACACS+, RADIUS AAA, 802.1X, TLS, SSL, HTTPS, NAT, PAT, Avaya 
VSU/SG VPN gateways, Juniper NetScreen and SA SSL VPN, Juniper SRX, proxy servers and content 
Network Operating Systems 
- SuSe Enterprise, Red Hat Linux (CentOS), Microsoft Windows, Citrix Metaframe, SCO UnixWare 
Network Assessment & VoIP Evaluation 
- Viola Networks Netally 3.x/4.x/5.x, Fluke Networks Netally 7.2, Apparenet Voice 
Performance and monitoring tools 
- Avaya CNA and APC, Compaq Insight Manager, SNMP consoles, Perfmon & PF logs, Netmon, 
Wireshark(Ethereal), Windows & Unix command line tools, MRTG, Cacti, RMON, SMON, Sflow & Netflow
Productivity tools 
- Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office suite, Sun OpenOffice
Scripting and Programming 
- PHP, PERL, ASP, Java Script, VB Script, VBA, C/C++, Unix shell scripting, batch files, HTML, DHTML, SQL  
- Enterprise QoS  - Voice, Video, Data
- Routing and switching 
- VPN access solutions PIX and ASA
- WAN (MPLS, private line) QoS solutions
- Network readiness validation
- Performance monitoring
- Multivendor solutions integration
- Capacity planning
- Troubleshooting

- ERS Ethernet Routing Switch 3500, 4500, 4800, 4900, 5900, 8800 series
- VSP Virtual Services Platform VSP 4000, 8000
- Cajun/Lannet products P130, P330
- W9100 Wireless solutions 
- Converged Network Analyzer (CNA-APC)
- S8300/S8400/S8500/S8700 Media servers and Virtual appliances
- G150/G250/G350/G430/G450/G650/G700 media gateways
- Avaya 16xx/96xx/46xx/54xx IP Telephones and WML telephone applications
- Avaya VPN remote IP telephones - teleworker and home office applications
- Avaya Wireless Telephone solutions – Polycom (Spectralink) WiFi 802.11
- Avaya IP Office 
- Avaya Unified Communications infrastructure design
- vSphere v5 and v6
- Capacity planning and performance validation
- Geo redundant and DR solutions

Aruba Networks 
- 801.11ac and 802.11n campus design
- Controller based and Instant solutions 
- RF analysis and optimization
- Cloud management

Network Architect
(2008 - present)
BrantTel Networks – The first in North America Avaya Platinum Business Partner				

- Designed and guided implementation of converged networks supporting Avaya Voice and Messaging 
solutions for variety of enterprise customers
- Conducted network audits, provided configurations analysis and best practices recommendations
- Managed projects of system upgrades and moves
- Supported current customer base with problem resolutions
- Served as escalation path for BrantTel Networks TAC cases
- Recommended system upgrades and security model improvements to existing install base
- Led internal technical knowledge transfer sessions for field and system engineers
- Provided professional services supporting field engineers remotely via Internet and by phone 

Network Engineer 										
(2003 - 2007)
BrantTel Networks – The first in North America Avaya Platinum Business Partner				

- Provided planning, design, implementation, and support expertise for flagship products and core services 
including Data Center Services, Professional Services, and physical systems 
- Implemented Converged Network Analyzer and Adaptive Path Control BGP routing optimization for 
International fortune 500 company resulting in five 9s critical voice application availability
- Conducted number of VoIP readiness network assessment tests, collaborated with local support groups to 
resolve service affecting issues resulting in superior VoIP call quality with 0 call disconnect rate 
- Implemented firewalling and VPN solutions, IDS and protocol analyzers, created and enforced security 
policies, Access Control Lists resulting in secured networks 
- Successfully managed communication between internal/external customers, IT suppliers, and internal IT 
- Implemented e-mail spam filtering solutions, achieved more than 90% cut off of unwanted messages 
resulting employees productivity and their desktop security enforcement 
- Straightened security of e-mail servers using TLS, SSL, HTTPS and firewall 
- Implemented HTTP content filtering utilizing Cisco router hardware, Linux OS software and WCCP control 
link ensuring continuous 24x7 protection from Internet originated threats
- Developed Internet and Intranet web sites linked to Microsoft SQL, mySQL databases using PERL, PHP 
and ASP resulting in improved employees collaboration and easy data access from anywhere 

Network Engineer										
(2000 – 2003)
Dialog-Kiev, an Avaya Gold Business Partner 

- Installed and configured variety of LAN switches, LAN/WAN routers, gateways, wireless devices resulting in 
reliable and manageable data and IP voice transport networks 
- Designed effective solutions for small to medium sized companies, banking and financial institutions, 
resulting new opportunities for business operations 
- Implemented IP traffic accounting system for prompt and accurate billing for ISP 
- Completely redesigned corporate web site script engine to suit growing business needs 
- Coded MS SQL databases front end in MS Access, resulting easy data entry, retrieval and analysis for 
different applications including forms processing, proxy server and firewall logs analysis and content 
creation for dynamic web sites 

Network & Telecommunications Administrator						
JT International Company 

- Achieved cost reduction in telecom field resulting in $75,000 per year savings 
- Supervised remote offices IT operations 
- Converted 500+ port Token ring network to switched Fast Ethernet technology 
- Developed disaster recovery strategies and planned contingency actions 
- Prevented network service outages, resulting in uninterrupted business operations 
- Created Intranet web sites linked to Microsoft SQL databases using ASP/VBScript resulting in easy data 
retrieval and improved employees productivity 
- Put in production Windows, Citrix Winframe servers resulting in 24x7 service availability 
- Migrated all corporate Lotus cc:Mail accounts and data to MS Exchange to benefit from Microsoft advanced 
messaging and collaboration solution 


2017	VCP6-DCV - VMware Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization, VUE
2016	ACE-Fx - Avaya Fabric Connect/Extend/Attach expert, VUE
2016	ACIS - Avaya Fabric Networking Solutions Integration, VUE 
2013	VCP5-DCV - VMware Certified Professional 5 . Data Center Virtualization, VUE
2013	ACMA - Aruba-Certified Mobility Associate, VUE 
2011	CCDP - Cisco Certified Design Professional, VUE
2010	CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional, VUE
2008	CCDA certified, VUE 
2007	ACE - Design and Implement: IP Telephony, VUE
2006	ACS - Implement: Modular Messaging with Avaya Message Store (Red Hat Linux)
2006	ACS - Implement: Modular Messaging with Microsoft Exchange, VUE
2005	CCNA certified, VUE 
2005	ACE Technical, VUE 
2005	ACA - Implement: IP Telephony, VUE 
2005	ACS - Implement: Messaging, VUE 
2004	ACS - Implement: LAN, VUE 
2004	ACS - Implement: IP Office, VUE 
2005	PA - Implement: Avaya Communication Manager - Simplex IP Telephony 
2004	PA - Implement: Avaya Message Networking Solution 
2004	PA - Sales: Avaya Message Networking Solution 
2004	PA - Implement: Avaya IP Office Core 
2004	PA - Implement: Merlin Magix 
2002	ACS - Design: LAN, VUE 
2001	TCP/IP Administration Master certificate (top 19th in Canada) BB/Techmetrics 
2001	Internet Security, Brainbench/Techmetrics 
2001	Internet Concepts, Brainbench/Techmetrics 
2000	Windows 2000 server Master Administrator, Brainbench/Techmetrics 
2000	MCP NT 4.0 Server, VUE 
2000	Windows NT Administrator, Brainbench/Techmetrics 


2017	VMware vSphere 6.5
2016	ACE-Fx
2013	VMware vSphere: Fast Track 5.1
2013	Aruba Networks Aruba Mobility Bootcamp
2011	Avaya APDS Data Design
2007	Juniper Networks WAN optimizations and Intranet
2007	Avaya Converged Network Analyzer (CNA) and Adaptive Path Control (APC)
2007	Extreme Networks advanced LAN technologies
2004	IP Office 2.0, Avaya University 
2003	Newest Microsoft products and technologies Polygon 2003 (.NET server) 
2001	Avaya Cajun P550/P880 Installation & Maintenance 
2001	Avaya Cajun Campus Ethernet Network Integration 
2001	Avaya Cajun P120/P330 Installation & Configuration 
2001	Avaya Cajun Network Integration 
2000	Microsoft #2010 Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Migration Strategy 
2000	Microsoft #1561 Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory services 
2000	Microsoft #1569 Updating Administration and Support Skills from Microsoft 
	Exchange server 5.x to Microsoft Exchange 2000 

1996	M.S. Computer Science 
	Major: Computer and Intellectual Systems and Networks 
	Qualification: Systems Engineer 
	National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" 

References available upon request
Avaya University transcript available upon request
Cisco certification progress available upon request
VMWare certification progress available upon request